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My name is Angelica Grace Lee and I am a senior at Lowell High School. I am passionate about giving back to my community and would like to major in cognitive science, psychology, or legal studies in college. Currently I am a San Francisco Police Activities League Senior Cadet Sergeant as well as an intern for SFPD's CSI Unit. In my spare time I run a Facebook group called "Kindness in the Darkness" where I share heartwarming acts of kindness in hopes of brightening the days of those who may be suffering dark times. I have been the creator and administrator of “Kindness in the Darkness” since 2011. I also enjoy writing poetry and composing song lyrics. 

The Wishing Fountain

It was a foggy morning as we walked around
In the big city of San Francisco when we found
A wishing fountain with a bright white trim
Crystal clear water filling it to the brim
And, oh dear, circles of silver and brown
Which made me and my child frown

As a penny disturbed the water
I was asked by my dear daughter
“Why would you throw away money
With which you could buy a bunny?
Mommy, if you were to make a wish
Would you ask for a pretty goldfish?”

I looked down at her with a smile
And said, “Honey, it may take awhile
For everyone to realize what we sorely need
Is a leader who will plant the seed
Of world peace. Someone to encourage unity
Among the people of our large community

If I were to rule the world, I would make it
A place where no one feels like a misfit
Where there would be no bullying or fights
And no criminals to roam the streets at night
So whether it be a wishing fountain or a shooting star
I would wish for world peace, or maybe a candy bar.”

Waiting For Her

Shadows underneath his eyes
Hours feeling like centuries
Empty hearted, empty handed,
With only false hope to hold onto
Waiting for her

He wants to right his wrongs
Has nights full of tears and regrets
He is the man who can’t be moved
Forever sitting on that rough pavement
Waiting for her

He will pull through every storm
Listening for the clicks of her little red rain boots
Her hair tied up with a little red bow
To tell her he was sorry
For everything she had lost because of him

Passerbyers, friends, family members
They can’t mend his broken soul
He only wants to breathe life again
With you by his side
You’re the only one who can make him feel whole again

Save him, please save him
He’ll make it up to you if you give him a chance
He’s so sorry he had to leave you so young
He’ll make it up to you, he’ll wait for you
No matter how long it takes


The color of blood gushing out of unrequited love
The skin of sour red grapes shattering a crystal glass
The perfect rose that sickens the poor man’s dearest
The feathers of a phoenix after rising from the ashes

A fire lit by desire burning bright in the gloomy forest
A distorted tomato before shaped by the hands of fear
A rush in the veins when touched by an Earth angel
A Ferrari driving down the street without an ending

The brilliance of an anthurium on a sunny Sunday morning
The scarlet fever that makes a woman’s beauty fade
The scent of redwood trees in a city girl's dreams
The brightness of a ruby containing the heart's emotions


In Love 

As soon as I turn on the radio guess what I hear
A singer who thinks falling in love should be feared
Why do musicians always write like love is bad
And the only result of loving is feeling sad
I guess they never came across someone like you
A person they would never be willing to lose

I was sitting in a room filled with strangers
But I knew all the guys were troublemakers
I forced laughter, faked smiles for the crowd
In actuality scared you would never come around
But everything changed when I saw your face
Now I’m not sure why I had doubts in the first place

You have me searching for four leaf clovers
Trying not to lose my composure
Wishing on shooting stars in the night sky
Hoping to catch a glimpse of when you walk by
You change my mood like they’re the seasons
If I’m feeling like winter you’re my summer beacon

Before I met you I couldn’t find any inspiration
All attempts for a love poem would end in frustration
I know I am not the best at poem writing
Or the most awesome with end-rhyming
But I would write a thousand love poems for you
If you keep “loving me” on your list of things to do

I know these lyrics might seem really cliché
Like watching Spiderman save the day
Looking out for his girlfriend Mary Jane
Clothed in rough blues and reds in the pouring rain
I’m trying to make this song as real as possible
But not exaggerating these verses is improbable

You have me searching for four leaf clovers
Trying not to lose my composure
Wishing on shooting stars in the night sky
Hoping to catch a glimpse of when you walk by
Others might question our complicated love
But it only grows stronger, they’re just jealous of us

She Is The Girl

She is the girl with a wild imagination
Hears the countryside calling her name
Who is impulsive, who couldn’t care less
About what the others thought of her

She is the girl who hates the city life
Done with the photoshopped world
The one who will leave it all behind one day
For her green and brown haven

She is the girl who cannot fathom
That if humans are born naturally good
Why we let this terrible world reign our lives
The one who wishes for mother nature to rule

Yet she is the girl who is praised for her brain
She knows a lot, but what good is that
If her knowledge won’t get her that far
In a place where she will never be good enough

She is the girl with many friends
But friendship is not what she wants
For all she wants is to run away
And scream her troubles to the stars

She is the girl who is often misunderstood
The one who no one really knows
Who no one can compare normalcy to
She is me

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