Gently in Nature by Michael Griffith

Gently in Nature

I wish today's sunlight could last forever.

Our sky a blue that can't be defined
by a crayon's name.
Neither can the amber of your hair -
They're both found gently in nature.

We witness the park's afternoon together,
but details will shift in time's shaky embrace.

You will correct me when I misremember
the breed of the runaway dog we saw
and the name of that deli where we bought
those regrettable sandwiches
when I tell our friends about this perfect picnic day,

but for now all I want to focus on
is that spark in your smile as you look
up into my squinting-in-the-sun eyes,
a spark of love found gently in your nature.

BIO:  Michael Griffith began writing poetry while recovering from a life-changing injury. Poetry helped his mind and spirit stay healthy as his body healed. His poetry has recently appeared in Ripen the Page, Dual Coast Poetry, Poetry Quarterly, Degenerate Literature, the Starving Poet's Tour anthology, and other print and online sources. He resides and teaches college courses in central New Jersey.


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