E.G. Green from Dugout Anthology by Michael Ceraolo

E..G. Green
This was my baseball nom de plume: E for Eliza, Green my maiden name (I survived three husbands, but they aren't germane to this poem so they won't be mentioned here; you can look them up if you're interested) For a decade I was the official scorer for the Chicago White Stockings of the League Except for Mr. Spalding, who hired me, no one, not even the League president, knew that E.G. Green was a woman; it was amusing to be sitting with the players' wives during games, undercover, so to speak And it was even more amusing to hear them, and later, their husbands, kick about an official scoring decision; sometimes they even asked my opinion about the correctness of such decisions!

Michael Ceraolo is a 61-year-old retired firefighter/paramedic and active poet who has had two full-length books (Euclid Creek, from Deep Cleveland Press; 500 Cleveland Haiku, from Writing Knights Press) and several shorter-length books published, and has a third full-length book, Euc…

Poems from Argentina by David Francis


David’s poetry reveals the soul of a musician and the mind of a storyteller. His words embrace color, light, and depth within a spectrum of inspiration and understanding. David Francis and his poetry reflect the artistry of words within musical cadence capturing stories of life, love and sheer wonder. A true treasure of the heart, mind, and soul. Joanne Olivieri - Publisher,Writer, Editor of Stanzaic Stylings, San Francisco

Death Valley by John Grey

Photo courtesy of Abby Kihano

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in
That, Dunes Review, Poetry East and North Dakota Quarterly with work upcoming in Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, Thin Air, Dalhousie Review and failbetter.


Sand abbreviates a ghost town’s story,

shutters the mine,

buries the roads leading in and out.

A lesser history gives birth to saltbush,

No trees. No shadows.

The sun’s advance is unstoppable.

Grainy wind

blows from the west

Dust devils dance

on rocky floor.

That’s it for movement.

The Dutiful Dozen by Michael Ceraolo

The Dutiful Dozen from Dugout Anthology
As I, Robert O. "Bob" Neighbors, am currently, and hope to remain, the last, I will take it upon myself to speak for the others: Harry M. O'Neill Elmer Gedeon Robert G. "Bun" Troy Ralph E. Sharman Newton S. "Newt" Halliday Edward L. "Eddie" Grant Harry M. Glenn LaVerne A. "Larry" Chappell Henry E. Chapman Alexander Thomson "Tom" Burr William E. "Bill" Stearns We all loved to play ball, and achieved our dream of playing in the majors: some of us for a few games or less who were never going to play any more, one or two of us with the potential to become stars, only Eddie with a career of any real length In a number of different ways, including training accidents and various illnesses in addition to those in combat, in the course of four wars, we each made the ultimate sacrifice I apologize if I've missed any other players  who did likewise

Michael Ceraolo is a 61-year-old…

Poetry of the Soul by Lynn Long

Poetry of the Soul
It's just a soul thing Yours and mine A fated romance Lost in time... Two hearts- in search of home Ever to wander Ever to roam

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Lynn Long Nature's Musings

Tropical Temporariness by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Tropical Temporariness by Vatsala Radhakeesoon is a beautiful tapestry of words and images woven together creating an insight into the tropical life of her native Mauritius.
The author illustrates her depth of pride for her homeland within each haiku along with a short detailed description for sacred  and historical treasures such as the now extinct dodo bird.
Vatsala's love of nature and homeland speaks profoundly within the pages of this volume of haiku and  photography.  There is a sense of mystical realism which grips your soul and has you longing to experience this tropical paradise.
A few of many favorites includes:
PInk evening clouds wink Fluffy candy floss awaits delicious soft rest ----- Leaves shake wrath Clouds pour abundance of tears Thunderstorm kills lies ----- The extinct Dodo* Subject arising debate Souvenirs now smile
*Dodo: The national bird of Mauritius. Dodoes lived on the island during the Dutch rule of Mauritius. ----- The following haiku along with its stu…

Micro Poem/Song by Lynn Long

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Lynn Long Nature's Musings

Feel the moment
It's all the rage To love one's self Fool or Sage Breathe in  Breathe out Awaken your soul Be in the now and just let  go...
For there is no other time in which to be So feel the moment And, set yourself  free... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The present lost  is time missed For the moment  ceases to exist