Thursday, August 16, 2018

Falsetto By Desiree Cady


By Desiree Cady

Everybody thinks

That you will be just fine

They never, ever question

You never show a sign

They say that you're a fighter

And that you are so strong

Yet deep inside you know

That they couldn't be more wrong

And then one day it happens

Your soul, it finally breaks

And everybody thinks

It must be some mistake

She's just having a bad day

Everybody does

What they dont understand

Is her pain, it doesn't ever pause

She reaches out to everyone

Hands out such great advice

But what happens when she's on her own

When she's not feeling so nice

She looks around in question

Wonders where the hell they are?

Those friends who said they'd be there

No matter how near or far

So she tells herself she'll be okay

She's going to be just fine

She wipes away her tears and smiles

Faking, she never shows a sign


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Listen To The Quiet by Joanne Olivieri

Listen To The Quiet

The hush of falling snow

the breath of stormy seas

bIrds frolicking on the meadow

forest parade of gallant trees.

Honeysuckly sweet on the vine

hummingbirds morning call

with nectar a rose blush wine

from Spring, through Summer and Fall.

A windward breeze blows East

the sun slumbers on the West

natures masterpiece

the day is done, now rest.

The night devoid of sunlight

caress the moon and stars

at dusk fluorescent twilight

guide seafarers from afar.

Listen to the quiet

hear the silent peace

whisper in the moment

our spirit to be set free.

Log Cabin

As I trudge through snow laiden foothills

icy wind whipping my face

biting cold surrounds me

and the sun emerges with haste.

My journey carries me forward

over lifeless branches and leaves

toward the snow capped high sierras

home, to God’s country.

I can see in the distance

the canvas for my creation

my dream springs to life

only in my imagination.

In the future I see a clearing

a cozy and quaint log cabin

nestled among icy fir trees

a small yet real slice of heaven.

Flickering candlelight shines through the window

as I draw near my hearth and home

puffs of smoke circle the chimney

my senses tell me, I am no longer alone.

A now frozen brook

rests silently alongside the dwelling

in Spring, a wading pool of ease

as the snow slowly begins melting.

Though depicting a Christmas tale

this portrait of a Winter scene

merely paints my path to the future

of what, someday will be.

Joanne Olivieri Website


Monday, August 13, 2018

Spiritual Nourishment by Joanne Olivieri

Prince Of Peace

The dove of peace unfolds his wings.

    angel hair entwines heartstrings.

As spirits chant, a minstrel sings,

    the choral melody of kings.

Due North a star, lights the way

To Prince of Peace, where He lay.

                   A child

                   So Mild

A Savior born on Christmas day.


On thy lips, fruit of the vine

    shall evoke a taste of shame

Martyred bloodshed cup of wine

    invisible in His name.

Thy wrath befell upon the sight

Of devils chance to winged flight

                   Yet we

                   Shall see

Lion and lamb, lie down with thee.

A Need To Pray

As we awake to the echo of dawn

with a silent reflection of day,

our hearts and souls are renewed

as we thank God by our need to pray.

A need that is fueled by hope

and a faith which is never betrayed,

by God who delivers the saving rope

as we climb the mount of temptation each day.

If we misstep and lose our balance

and begin to go astray

our Lord will provide spiritual guidance,

when we fall to our knees and pray.

His Light

    His light rekindles day to day

    and sparks His image as we pray.

Beyond the jagged etched twilight

a moonlit gloss projects His light.

A piercing glow injects our veins

with Holy serum spread as rain.

He filters through our heart and soul

providing strength to make us whole.

    His spark rekindles as we pray

    and lights his image day to day.

Mary Our Mother

Clothed in sunlight, crowned with stars

show us your mercy from afar.

Infinite wisdom, divine grace

the lamb of God endears your face.

Fruit of your womb, a virgin snow

your tears of love will help us grow.

Mary, dear Mother, queen of May

dwell in our hearts, let us not stray.


Voice of the angels

perfect harmony

uplift my spirit

sweet melody.

Lyrical notes

harped echo

protect my soul

from all woe.

Melodious chant

beloved hymn

soothe my soul

blessed Seraphim.


for Mom

Are you my angel?

Who guides my soul

who feels my heart

who drinks my thoughts

who soothes my mind

Are you my angel?


Together in time.

My Gifts For You

The greatest of God’s gifts

I can wish for you

are taken for granted by many

though for me, hold precious and true.

A canary softly chirping

A mandolin strumming in rhyme

A rose gently unfolding

An infant, smiling for the first time.

The sun slowly setting

The moon waking to rise

The sea’s waves calming

The drifting winds chime

Trees melodically swaying

Mountains, to the heavens they climb

These are my gifts for you,

With love, dear friend of mine.

My Lighthouse

When the waves of the sea lie still

and the sea bird's cry is mute

and the sunlight is buried in darkness

with the balance of life in dispute…

I know that grief has encompassed

and begun to drown my soul

emerging in cascades of pain

drowning what once was whole.

I know as I ask my savior

for His help in lighting my way

my God will become my lighthouse

and chart the path to ease my pain.


An angel softly wept

as showers cleansed the earth,

while we peacefully slept

planted seeds of new birth.

A spiritual cleansing of sorts

shedding a mask grown old,

unburdened without remorse

new beginnings yet to unfold.

A luminous rainbow awakens

lending color to our skies,

a protective stained glass garment

Heaven shields the angels cries.

Spiritual Nourishment

A gift for the soul

as warmth from the sun

caress and beholds

our spirits as one.

Seeds of the future

enriched by our care

experience nature

and love, we will share

Harvests to flourish

the fruits of this earth

spiritually nourished

by God, and His works.

Weapon of Faith

His scepter, a sword in divine attire

Pierces the serpent, with tongues of fire.

He fans the flames of Satan’s desire

As a weapon of faith, for spiritual hire.

The Northern Gate

A child is born into the night

unto the womb of  heaven’s light.

His journey plants a seed of peace

as sacrificial lamb to fleece.

His shoulders bear a cross of blood

as tears of sin unleash the flood.

Thine eyes behold the Northern gate

and see the stars prophetic fate.

Forsaken not, by Father’s hand

His death, doth scar a shallow land.

He rose above, upon third day

sight unseen to light the way.

His death became the gift of life

to free the soul, of endless strife.

Thine eyes behold the Northern gate

and see the stars prophetic fate.

These works have been previously published in various print magazines to include Explorer, Lamp Post, Adoration, Miraculous Medal and many more…..

DIsco Water Dance by Joanne Olivieri

blue and green ripples

mirror aquatic light shows

disco water dance

Photo and haiku by Joanne Olivieri

Sunday, August 12, 2018

 Midnight Moon

 A midnight moon beckons
 Calling from afar
"Come my love," he whispers
 I'll show you the stars

Together we'll fly into the night
Where in dream, I'll hold you 
Til' the morning's light

There in a kiss
Love must bid adieu
To meet once again
Upon a midnight moon

Poet, writer, aspiring novelist, daydreamer and believer in the impossible

Contributing artist and

Published in the following Ezines, Publications and Online Journals:

Antarctica Journal

Duane's PoeTree

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