Loving You... by Lynn Long


Nature's Musings by Lynn Long

Musings from the Heart by Lynn Long

Loving You...

Falling from the sky Drowning in a sea of blue A thousand ways to die All in loving... you For you took my breath Made one with your soul The heart stops beating No longer... my own

Casey at the Bat: Positioning by Michael Ceraolo

From More At-Bats for Casey, Casey poems in other forms, other strategies, etc.

Casey at the Bat, Positionig
The outlook wasn't rosy for the Mudville nine that day, trailing four to two with only one inning more to play When Cooney made the first, and then Barrows the second, out, a few dejected fans began to slowly file out
But Flynn hit a single and Blake followed with a double; the opposing pitcher was now in a bit of trouble And a conference was held on the mound to address just that: our Casey, mighty Casey, was advancing to the bat
Two quick strikes on him would have been a matter of dispute had the ump behind the plate not been one of good repute Now Casey readied himself by waving the stick of ash; the result of the next pitch was a mighty Casey smash
Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright, and somewhere bands are playing and somewhere the hearts are light But right here in Mudville our hearts are sadly cast adrift:
for our Casey, mighty Casey, hit it …

Come Back by Jane Ayers Sweat

Come Back

Come to me in springtime On the wings of a butterfly Let the flutter of its wings Dry the tears I cry.
Come to me in summer On healing rays of Sun Warm the cold within Until my day is done.
Come to me in fall On the chilly air Whisper in the breeze To my silent prayer.
Come to me in winter On a fragile snowflake Lay gently on my cheek To ease this lonely ache.
Come to me as I lay dying On the last beat of my heart Take my Soul to Eternity Where we never will part.

How Easy Is It by Sir

How Easy Is It

How easy Is it for you to move on
How easy is it to push me along
How easy is it for you to find comfort in anothers embrace
How easy is it for you to entertain another face

Do you still even think of me throughout the day
Or am I just something dragging you down and getting in your way
Not knowing what I still mean to you has me lost in my head
Just want to know I'm not someone you regretted having in your bed

Dorothy Olivieri Memorial Chapbook Contest Winners

Stanzaic Stylings is thrilled to announce the winners of the Dorothy Olivieri Memorial Chapbook Contest Winners

1. James Cunningham his chapbook at: Gifts of Nature

2. Lynn Long her chapbook at Nature's Musings

3. Sandra Henry her chapbook at Nature's Gifts

4. Joan Leotta Gifts of Nature page on Stanzaic Stylings

*** Sandra Henry's book is coming soon and will be updated here upon publication.*** 

You Opened My Heart by Sir

Almost 6 months is all it has been since you came into my life
You opened my heart and showed me love
You saved me from a throbbing pain that cut like a knife
You were my angel sent from above

You showed me passion and a love with no end
You showed me trust and family
You showed me just how much I could take how far I could bend
Never believed there was something like this out there waiting for me

Even without you by my side you still help me grow
You inspire me to be the best I can be
Your love is something people dream they can know
You give me courage to face this vast sea

The power I see when I look into your eyes
The drive and ambition I see within your soul
The little things you do for me I have no need to tell you lies
I wouldn't risk losing someone who makes me whole