Monday, December 10, 2018

Lola by Jane Ayers Sweat


How I wish I could have known you
When your hair was fiery red
Before time changed it to a shade of gray
And you forgot what you just said.

I wish I could have seen you
Hair in curls around your face
Running swiftly barefoot
Trying to win a schoolyard race.

I wish I could have heard your laugh
When you were just a girl
I imagine how light it sounded
You had no cares in the world.

I wish I could have talked to you
Before Time chased away your mind
Before your body grew so tired
And your thoughts you could no longer find.

I wish I could have known the you
That you were once upon a time
The happy, healthy person,
Now it seems I know a mime.

How I wish I could have known you
Before you were 93
Then maybe, just maybe
Your mind would remember me

Review of Crossing the River Rubicon by Joan McNerney


This detailed poetic story by Joan McNerney details the intricasies of a life well lived through two genres combined, both poetry and storytellng to present a poetic memoir with a sense of purpose and style.

Reading this story is experiencing her life right along side her.  The image laiden prose have your own imagination soaring to new heights.

Powerful insight tells this story in gallant style. You will not be able to put this book down once you start reading it. It is, to put it simply, an extraordinary write by an experienced and creative poet penned with exuberance and masterful imagery with detailed focus.

You can read some of Joan's poetry by clicking the link below:

Joan McNerney Poetry Page

Monday, December 3, 2018

Winter Solstice By Joan McNerney

Photo by Joanne Olivieri

Winter Solstice

By Joan McNerney

 Hurry, short days are here,

too much to do.

Get ready, find gloves,

hats, scarves, sweaters.


Stopping to see the

shape of a snowflake.


Coming home to luxuriate

in dim light listening

to heat hissing and finding

warmth from hot teas.


Bundled in bed comforted by

mounds of blankets, books.


Finally succumbing to

our northern goddess,

whose black nights are long

and silent as evergreens.

Joan McNerney Poetry Page

Enthusiasm of a neo-pagan by Sunil Sharma

Enthusiasm of a neo-pagan

---Sunil Sharma 

Staggering home from the moon-lit meadows

now receding as magical realms far off 

blending with the skies and stars

where I glimpsed the Olympians laughing/dancing

along with the ordinary mortals; the devotees

working up a frenzy for their respective gods!


My feet are lithe

almost air-borne

heart bursting with joy

antelope-like I fly

across the uneven terrain

a scented breeze follows

intoxicated steps

as I have already

encountered the unicorn and the red-eyed Bacchus

in the sacred grove near the stream

and the Aphrodite beckoning Sappho

from her entranced Muses

in an uplifting instant!



to see them all

in this fleeting moment

in the year 2016

re-living all that is lost!


Bio: Sunil Sharma, an academic and author-freelance journalist from the suburban Mumbai, India. He has published 19 books: solo and joint. He edits Setu:

Sunday, December 2, 2018

True Fantasies by Eliza Segiet

Poem by Eliza Segiet 

Translated by Artur Komoter 

True Fantasies

How easy it is to rest

in loneliness of fuzzy thoughts.

To leave plans behind,

to be there -


beyond real time.

Just me

and my true fantasies.

To be free,


trapped in the mouth of pulsating nature.

Only the low tide

revealing the nudity of the beach

reminds that

time flows.



Prawdziwe fantazje


Jakże łatwo odpocząć

w samotności rozmytych myśli.

Zostawić plany,

być tam -


poza realnym czasem.

Tylko ja

i moje prawdziwe fantazje.

Być wolną,

a jednak

uwięzioną w ustach pulsującej natury.

Tylko odpływ

odkrywający nagość plaży

przypomina, że

czas płynie.