Been Around The Block by Joanne Olivieri

Been Around The Block

In no particular fashion
my feet splintered
carrying pieces of
bare soul.

I've been above
below and beyond
searching for home
leading nowhere,
while the road less taken
breeds familiarity and
I stumble across
my past.

Broken pebbles
line my soles
and the pain
only memory

Trudging through
the endless maze
of roadblocks
home eludes me.

To bare the drudgery
of past indiscretions
I must walk
above and across
the endless pitfalls
this journey provides.

My path
only lighted
by the wisdom
born of ageless
trial and error and
the path paved
with lessons learned.

Now, I walk
around the block
where my feet
are grounded
to the comforts
of home.


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