Free by Desiree Cady


I remember you once told me
That I could not survive without you
Well sit back and prepare for the amazing things 
that I am about to do

For years I thought​ that it was you
That held me tightly together
But now I look back and I see
It was me who was withstanding the harshest weather

When you left I was so lost
I was just so damned scared
But looking back I see now
I was the only one that cared

I had so much love in my heart
Devoted to what I thought we were
That I would've never found the strength to leave
So I am thankful that you did it first

I am finally free to be the woman
That I once used to be
I am finally free to smile again
To find the beautiful side of me.

©2017 Desiree Cady

I am a 33 year old mother of two beautiful girls who have been my saving grace. After a brutal attack a few years ago, I have been plagued by PTSD. After the attack and a few suicide attempts, I vowed to tell my story and help inspire others to get help and to know that they are not alone. 
I am currently wrapping up two manuscripts for publication and am set to be published in an upcoming anthology that will come out mid - November.
You can find more of my work at 


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