Michael Ceraolo 500 Cleveland Haiku Book Review

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It is such a pleasure to read work by a writer who understands and has a firm grasp on traditional poetic styles.  Basho, Bison and Kyoshi would be proud.

This book delves into the everyday and ordinary life on the streets and suburban areas of Cleveland written with a classic yet modern view of the sights and sounds within the city. It is a testament to the poetic artistry Michael Ceraolo is able to express within this particular genre.

A few examples:

Winter scene ---

my exhaled breath

freezes on my eyelashes

April ---

bird shopping for food

on my lawn

Signs proclaiming 

that land is available---

they'll kill the trees for you

Economics depression ---

even the dollar store

goes out of business

An uptempo tune ---

the trees dance erratically

to the storm"s music

The haiku in this book tell stories with insight into city life and reflect wit, inspiration and compassion.  Each haiku delivering a message and/or statement.

Reading 500 Cleveland Haiku takes you on a journey through city life as seen through the eyes of the writer.

Reading this book was refreshing and a lesson into the intricasies of writing haiku.  Haiku is a style that only a few have mastered well and Michael Ceraolo proves through this anthology he is the master.

By: Joanne Oivieri


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