Falsetto By Desiree Cady


By Desiree Cady

Everybody thinks

That you will be just fine

They never, ever question

You never show a sign

They say that you're a fighter

And that you are so strong

Yet deep inside you know

That they couldn't be more wrong

And then one day it happens

Your soul, it finally breaks

And everybody thinks

It must be some mistake

She's just having a bad day

Everybody does

What they dont understand

Is her pain, it doesn't ever pause

She reaches out to everyone

Hands out such great advice

But what happens when she's on her own

When she's not feeling so nice

She looks around in question

Wonders where the hell they are?

Those friends who said they'd be there

No matter how near or far

So she tells herself she'll be okay

She's going to be just fine

She wipes away her tears and smiles

Faking, she never shows a sign



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