Landscape of Youth by Christine Tabaka

Landscape of Youth

When was the last time
you laid with me
upon a hillside green?
Staring up at blue sky,
holding hands, weaving dreams,
as the whole world melts away.

With winter behind us,
spring is within reach.
It is once more time
to awaken sleeping passions.
Bare feet and sun kissed faces,
enjoying the warmth of each other.

Soft fragrant grass.
Birds’ mellifluous chants.
The reverie comes alive,
as we share moments of bliss.
Days of youth relived.
Regrets filed safely away.
The hillside stretches before us,
beckoning once more.

Ann Christine Tabaka was nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize in Poetry, has been internationally published, and won poetry awards from numerous publications. She lives in Delaware, USA.  She loves gardening and cooking.  Chris lives with her husband and two cats. Her most recent credits are: Ethos Literary Journal, North of Oxford, Pomona Valley Review, Page & Spine, West Texas Literary Review,The Hungry Chimera, Sheila-Na-Gig,Synchronized Chaos, Pangolin Review,Foliate Oak Review, Better Than Starbucks!, The Write Launch, The Stray BranchThe McKinley Review,Fourth & Sycamore.
*(a complete list of publications is available upon request)


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