I Love Your Hearty Laugh by C. R. Daugherty

I Love Your Hearty Laugh

There’s this lady I’ve met;
She’s a woman I know,
and I hold her quite closely and dear.

She’s the apple of mine eye,
a diamond in the rough,
though we share a love of gemstones so queer.

We can spend hours on end
spelunking rock gardens
for amazing crystals to see

Or moments in the donut shop,
being quite overtly crass,
over bitter cups of hot jasmine tea.

She is heaven; she is argent…
She is the lover I have dreamed of,
and I want to be with her throughout—

The cold and the warm,
the sun dog and storm,
until our time here has run out.

© C.R. Daugherty 3-24-2020


  1. So textured and touching! I have the perfect person in mind to see this :)


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