Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Casey at the Bat (Sestina) by Michael Ceraolo

Casey at the Bat (Sestina)

It didn't look good for the nine from Mudville
as the game entered the bottom of the ninth inning;
four players were scheduled to bat
before the order came around to Casey
If two of the four got on he would win them the game,
because there was no chance he'd strike out

But the first two batters were rapidly put out,
and hope was dwindling here in Mudville;
it looked like a quick one-two-three inning
But the next two hitter who came to bat
got hits, and that brought the great Casey
to the plate with a chance to win the game

Yes, Casey would win them the game
if only he could clout one out,
and there would be great happiness in Mudville
over the come-from-behind win in the last inning,
especially if the game-winning blow was off the bat
of the soon-to-be-immortal Casey

Yes, it would be idolized Casey
who would now be the star of the game
From the on-deck circle he stepped out,
and there was a standing ovation in Mudville
with two on and two out in the ninth inning
Advancing to the plate, he discarded the extra bat

Yes, as our hero waved the remaining bat
"Casey   Casey   Casey   Casey
Win for us this blasted game
by blasting the ball out"
was the chant of the fans in Mudville
in that fateful last of the ninth inning

Yes, it would be long remembered, that inning
It would be long remembered, that at-bat
of their mighty hero Casey
The fans would long remember that game
after they had quietly file out
and returned to the regular life of Mudville

There would be no extra innings in Mudville;
the game ended with their last at-bat
Mighty Casey had struck out

Bio:  "Michael Ceraolo is a retired firefighter/paramedic and active poet who has had one full-length book (Euclid Creek, from Deep Cleveland Press) and a few chapbooks published (among the chapbooks is Cleveland Haiku, from Green Panda Press). He has a second full-length book, Euclid Creek Book Two, forthcoming from unbound content press, and is continually working on new and existing poetry projects."

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