Free Speech Canto LII by Michael Ceraolo

Free Speech Canto LII

The people of the Book
(no, not THAT Book,
                                the Book
that is the McDonald's of media
in the early twenty-first century;
Billions Served)
                         claim to
"Empower you to express yourself"
and also claim to
"err on the side of allowing content"
only a couple paragraphs later they state
"We make it easy for people to report
potentially violating content"

And so a poet
(here identified only as J)
who had posted a poem on her page
that was erotic though not remotely explicit
had her account temporarily suspended
because some of the professionally offended
(alleged friends no less)
complained the poem violated the Book's
Community Standards
She was found guilty and put in the Book's jail
until she removed the poem

(definition of Community Standards

- Censorship,
it doesn't call itself that,
preferring obscurantism)

she was now one of the billions so served


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