I Am by Angelica Grace Lee

My name is Angelica Grace Lee and I am a first-year Legal Studies major at UC Berkeley. I am a San Francisco native and have enjoyed the vibrant culture of the Bay Area my entire life. Currently, I volunteer in the Bay Area as a San Francisco Police Activities League Cadet Lieutenant and intern for SFPD's Field Operations Unit. I also run a Facebook group called "Kindness in the Darkness" where I share heartwarming acts of kindness in hopes of brightening the days of those who may be suffering from dark times. In my spare time, I like to write poetry, read dystopian fiction, thrift shop, and go to cafes to study with friends.

I Am

I am a fish in the San Francisco Bay

Swimming in and out of the door of opportunity

Moving towards a faint light in the darkness

Am I as sharp as the edge of a broken glass

Burning as bright as the yellow disc in the sky

The questions I used to ask myself?

I used to be as certain as the ending of a mystery book

Aimlessly walking through the well-known fog

Wondering if the world would ever become clear

But now I am a voice cutting through the noise

A soft blanket of hope to warm the despaired

The needle in the haystack of the misunderstood

I’m glad I am a red rose being watered with knowledge

A crystal door that opens with a friendly knock

A butterfly that flies into the hearts of the lonely

I’m glad I’m not the bull’s eye of the shadowed ones

The ones who wear cloaks sewn with the threads of fear

A target of theirs I shall be no longer

You are a dandelion where the wind whistles fiercely

The half used eraser that has been lost and replaced

A person of my past but stuck in my future

I am certain I can be the one who helps you touch the stars

The one who shows you the blue in between the clouds.

I am the one for you, for you were the one for me.


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