Burning Kisses by Melissa R. Mendelson

Burning Kisses
by, Melissa R. Mendelson

His lips brushed my neck
and caressed the skin
until it found the spot
and bit into me.

His teeth gnawed into the skin
as I stared ahead
into a harvest moon
while he drank my life away.

He lowered me to the ground
as he slid like a shadow
into and through my shivering body,
and his face filled the moon.

His lips brushed my face with red
as I licked my lips
and stared into his eyes
while his lips settled on my ear.

He pulled me into him
as my skin shivered in the moonlight,
and I held him closer
as he bit down into me again.

He was gentle like a lover
while his bite was sweet
like burning kisses upon my flesh
as I moaned for more.

Then, he just held me
as my last breath slipped into the breeze,
and I opened my mouth
to drink his love from him into me.


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