Steel on Steel by Paula Hackett

Steel on Steel 

There is a sound when your voice grabs my voice, 
when your words twist inside my body,
when my words scream to escape.
On the other side of sound, there is motion. 
When your body slides into my body
and my body can outsmart you.
Can throw you into space with one unexpected turn 
and then enjoy the wreckage we created.
But then your voice returns
like screeching steel.
And I remember as a child,
I would wait on the railroad tracks
until the conductor panicked.

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Paula Hackett's poetry is influenced by her life experiences growing up in Berkeley during the vibrant and explosive 60's. The daughter of novelist Paul Hackett, she studied under John Beecher, Angela Davis and Grover Sales. She has written lyrics in collaboration with her brother John Hackett, for many great jazz composers including Teddy Edwards, John Handy, Ivan Lins, Joe Sample, Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson, and Cedar Walton. Her life long love of jazz is reflected in her many poems about musicians and in her CDs with pianists Rudi Wongozi and Connie Crothers.


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