Haiku Series 1 by Joanne Olivieri

Summer rains
the urban pavement
a concrete ski slope

orange sunset
tequila sunrise
at last call

beach bonfire
his alcohol breath
fuels the flames

she burns toast
for breakfast

morning sun rises
across Eastern skies
an orange smoothie

desert Summer
sans humidity
her hot flash lingers

cumulus clouds
pattern the sky
cotton candy

moonlight stroll
a spider
webs his way through darkness

hot air balloons
his speech goes in one ear
and out the other

Summer night
crickets scatting jazz tunes
my ear wax gone

midsummers dream
in high definition

sunrise minuet
he hits the snooze button
and sleeps in

high tide
low tide
the yin yang of it all

quietude envelops the trees
leaves speak foreign tongues
ancient manuscript

a diverse species
hugging limbs
sharing the wind’s breath

mingling leaves
standing free
a natural commune

union square
a frenzied chaos
cries without you

a nonsensical
delirium on the rocks
shaken not stirred, Cheers!

cherry blossoms
blanket barren branches
Spring snowflakes

sky, ocean and earth
meet beyond the horizon
daily reunion

the sand dollar
rests upon the shore
seaside sands of time

unfold my petals
tonguing plucked
a sensuous touch

behind fog
the sea plays hide n seek
morning escapades

the horizon debut
where sea meets land
a commingling

dreams planted
seeds of life
Spring resurrection

perfection yet seen
insignificant am I
my beauty astounds

you sailed away
riding an ocean of tears
my heart in dry dock

delicate petals
gently unfurl
a soul hidden

canvas of color
tulips and daffodils sing
the praises of Spring

freedom paints the skies
on wings of inspiration
a seagull in flight

mirrored reflection
engage your senses within
contemplative thoughts

fallen petals
paint the landscape
nature’s canvas

perchance love whispers
on the wind of Winter’s breath
melody at dawn

November breeze
a faint whisper
rustling leaves

night frolics
upon satin bed sheets
breakfast in bed

ageless diaries
unspoken words
the introvert speaks

Tainted Heart

fiery venom
pervades darkened arteries
love, a dying flame

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