Lack of Lamps by David Francis

Lack of Lamps

In the cheap hotels
where the porter sleeps
in the stagnant air
coming through the window

in all the rooms
no matter the area
no matter the station
no matter the floor

so you cling to streetlights
you notice simple fountains
you look for the sun
you look in her eyes

someday you will ask
someday you will buy
but they will never give
they will never give

they will only give flowers
they will give the special of the day
they will give you the key
they will give you water

but there is a famine
there is a shortage
there is a lack
and you have to compensate

you have your vision
you have your hearing
you smell the food
that tastes so good

you turn the light off
you feel the darkness
you wonder about time
you sleep to wake

you listen hard sometimes
you laugh at private jokes
the darkness is without
the fire you have within

David Francis has produced six albums of
songs, one of poems, and "Always/Far,"
a chapbook of lyrics and drawings.  His
film "Village Folksinger" has been screened
in the US and the UK.  David's poems and
stories have appeared in a number of
journals and anthologies.


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