AT 62: Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor by Doug Holder

AT 62: Spectacle Island, Boston Harbor

It is time
to sit on an island
far away enough
from your
life to look
at it.

It is time
to notice
the slender waves of
the grass.

It is time for your worn shoes
on the warm gravel.

You shuffle
like a vaudevillian.
You let the wind
slap you affectionately
with fragrant 
ocean air.

You are no longer
a second-rate pugilist
boxing your
way into a corner.

And the flies
that buzz your pale, 
spindly limbs
with their blood lust--
you finally understand
they do
what they

Doug Holder is the founder of the Ibbetson Street Press.  Holder has been published in a wide variety of journals and newspapers like: the Boston Globe, The Somerville Times, Bay State Banner, Rattle, Cafe Review, Constellations, Boston Literary Magazine. etc.. He has a new poetry collection coming out   Last Night at the Wursthaus ( Grey Sparrow Press). He teaches at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. and Bunker Hill Community College in Boston.

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