Loneliness by Gauri Dixit


You leave or I
It is all the same
We are both alone
Fighting loneliness
To make it leave too
Caressing it to make it bloom
Into something that it is not
Closing our eyes and dreaming
That it has filled our voids with yellow wildflowers
Wildflowers are never blue
Any other colour is fine too

Amidst the riot of colours
Walks the ramp
Amidst fellow walkers
It seems to be at ease
Part of the troupe
Swaying on the music
Waving at the showstopper
It halts in its track

You and I 
Have quite a task
To find a new ramp
And some other loneliness
Dreaming wildflowers 
Not blue
Is a tough ask

©. Gauri Dixit

BIO; A software professional from Pune (India), Gauri started writing poems couple of years ago. She writes in few Facebook poetry groups. Her poems have been featured in multiple Indian and international anthologies. She has also contributed to a number of e-zines including Learning & Creativity, Glomag and Mind Creative (published from Sydney, Australia). She loves to read, write and travel.


  1. What an astounding masterpiece of a poem! Love the way it ends too. Kudos to the poet Gauri Dixit.


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