Van Gogh’s Stars by Paul Tristram

Van Gogh’s Stars

‘Awe’… is such a small word,
but, it is all I have.
Electric blues and lemons…
I am drawn in, magnetically,
engulfed in the splendour 
and wonder.
‘Wow’… there’s another small word,
again, it is all that I have.
It’s one of my all time
favourite paintings.
Unbalances me, inside…
trippy, in a beautiful way.
I shudder and cringe,
whilst smiling.
It’s alive…
flowing, deep river undercurrents,
and the sea… waving
and lapping…
at, and through time.
The surface of the
is merely the tip of the iceberg
(So To Speak).
There are rhythms,
swaying feelings and emotions
at play, beneath…
the tender magic and craftsmanship
of a Genius
painted with childlike innocence
from an asylum east window.

© Paul Tristram 2018

Paul Tristram is a widely published, Welsh writer, who’s currently up to his elbows in Magic, and long may it remain this way.


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