Casey at the Bat: Positioning by Michael Ceraolo

From More At-Bats for Casey, Casey poems in other forms, other strategies, etc.

Casey at the Bat, Positionig

The outlook wasn't rosy for the Mudville nine that day,
trailing four to two with only one inning more to play
When Cooney made the first, and then Barrows the second, out,
a few dejected fans began to slowly file out

But Flynn hit a single and Blake followed with a double;
the opposing pitcher was now in a bit of trouble
And a conference was held on the mound to address just that:
our Casey, mighty Casey, was advancing to the bat

Two quick strikes on him would have been a matter of dispute
had the ump behind the plate not been one of good repute
Now Casey readied himself by waving the stick of ash;
the result of the next pitch was a mighty Casey smash

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright,
and somewhere bands are playing and somewhere the hearts are light
But right here in Mudville our hearts are sadly cast adrift:
for our Casey, mighty Casey, hit it into the shift


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