Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Wishing Fountain by Angelica Lee

The Wishing Fountain

It was a foggy morning as we walked around
In the big city of San Francisco when we found
A wishing fountain with a bright white trim
Crystal clear water filling it to the brim
And, oh dear, circles of silver and brown
Which made me and my child frown

As a penny disturbed the water
I was asked by my dear daughter
“Why would you throw away money
With which you could buy a bunny?
Mommy, if you were to make a wish
Would you ask for a pretty goldfish?”

I looked down at her with a smile
And said, “Honey, it may take awhile
For everyone to realize what we sorely need
Is a leader who will plant the seed
Of world peace. Someone to encourage unity
Among the people of our large community

If I were to rule the world, I would make it
A place where no one feels like a misfit
Where there would be no bullying or fights
And no criminals to roam the streets at night
So whether it be a wishing fountain or a shooting star
I would wish for world peace, or maybe a candy bar.”

BIO: My name is Angelica Grace Lee and I am a senior at Lowell High School. I am passionate about giving back to my community and would like to major in cognitive science, psychology, or legal studies in college. Currently I am a San Francisco Police Activities League Senior Cadet Sergeant as well as an intern for SFPD's CSI Unit. In my spare time I run a Facebook group called "Kindness in the Darkness" where I share heartwarming acts of kindness in hopes of brightening the days of those who may be suffering dark times. I have been the creator and administrator of “Kindness in the Darkness” since 2011. I also enjoy writing poetry and composing song lyrics. 

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