A Taint of Pity by Ken Allen Dronsfield Review

A Taint of Pity is a journey through poetic excellence. Ken Allen Dronsfield is constantly surprising me with his complex works of art. Yes, it is sheer art that when reading it becomes a canvas of words mingling in a masterpiece of truth, wisdom and beauty, This poet exemplifies the craft of poetry with his effortless strokes of ebb and flow. He writes a contemporary message with traditional expertise which is very rare in this day and age. Very few poets have been able to write with these extraordinary qualities. His imagery and story telling is exciting and has you anxiously awaiting the next stanza. His imagery as in the poem Lunatique brings forth the limitless bounds to which he can create these unique poems. Sylvia Plath comes to mind when reading many of his works. Works like Infernal ooze a heartfelt and powerful message with ease and grace. I am a huge fan of Ken's work and when I think about that old saying "You can't improve upon perfection" that saying is wrong. You can and Ken Allen Dronsfield does in all of his poetry. This is a fantastic read by one of my top favorite contemporary poets. Also, the real and heartfelt dedication is emotional and tells a story of his life. Thank you, Ken for always inspiring me. Sammy thanks you too.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind and generous comments Joanne. They are truly appreciated! And thanks to Sammy as well! (^_^)


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