Friday, September 29, 2017

Cleveland Haiku by Michael Ceraolo

Cleveland Haiku #458

View from the bridge---
movie theater's neon lights
down in the valley

Cleveland Haiku #461

A busy street---
a squirrel plays chicken,
wins this time

Cleveland Haiku #462

Wealthy suburb---
the park's path goes
underneath the road

Cleveland Haiku #467

Modern pastoral---
cattle unmoved
by the highway noise

Cleveland Haiku #468

Memorial Day---
the RV army
on the move

Bio:  "Michael Ceraolo is a retired firefighter/paramedic and active poet who has had one full-length book (Euclid Creek, from Deep Cleveland Press) and a few chapbooks published (among the chapbooks is Cleveland Haiku, from Green Panda Press). He has a second full-length book, Euclid Creek Book Two, forthcoming from unbound content press, and is continually working on new and existing poetry projects."

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