The Buddha Speaks by Gu Cheng

Photo of Tian Tan Buddha taken by Joanne Olivieri in Hong Kong 2008

The Buddha Speaks

I am poor
I have no place to weep

my occupation s fixed
fixedly I sit
a thousand years
come wearing the richest of smiles
go subtly extending a hand
as if having given something to humanity

I don't know what I can give
and don't hope to gain
I just want to keep my tears
keep them till my work is done

deep green sandalwood turns to ash
parched red stars
are falling

by Gu Cheng (1956 - 1993)

Gu Cheng (simplified Chinese顾城traditional Chinese顧城; September 24, 1956 – October 8, 1993) was a famous Chinese modern poet, essayist and novelist. He was a prominent member of the "Misty Poets", a group of Chinese modernist poets.


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