Friday, November 17, 2017

BENIN By Eddie Awusi


Yawning out,
A bronze of ancient dawn,
Bustling and buzzing with life,
Like a swarm of bees;
Awkwardly awakened,
In Ozolua moat.

With spiralling sinews of smokes:
Crawling sheepishly. ascending;
From Iduh Owina to the hearths of Ekhiadolor;
Into the naked ivory of the sky.

And zealous feets;
Meandering carelessly;
Negotiating steps, at the fringes;
And coughing locomotives;
Bursting like raucous
Mushrooms on fertile soil - on the roads.

Eddie Awusi lives in Benin city where he runs a small personal business. He has a degree in English literature. He has been published in Dandelions in a Vase of Roses, Voices of the Aspirants, FM 20 among other poetry anthologies. His poetry has also appeared in different poetry magazine in Europe, America, Africa and Asia

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