Grandpop Gee’s American To-Do List: by Angelica Grace Lee

  • Reunite with my older brother in San Francisco

  • Hit the ground running from the get-go

  • Go to Nob Hill to pick up a loose-legged table

  • Repair furniture (And return them stable!)

  • Become a houseboy for a wealthy family

  • Attend morning adult English classes daily

  • Work as a chef at Hunter’s Point Naval base

  • Prepare WW2 soldiers for whatever they face

  • Memorize American dessert recipes by heart

  • Make sugary pies, jello, cobblers, and fruit tarts

  • Earn enough money to go to my beloved Hong Kong

  • Marry Suey Yee Lee, who's selfless and strong

  • Come back and get hired at a demanding shipyard

  • Never complain and work very hard

  • Open up Kwong Jow Sausage Company

  • Recruit employees, make sure they work in harmony

  • Remember that the customer is always right

  • Charge less, give more, sell out every night

  • Have kids, treat the four of them equally

  • Guide children to the glass door of opportunity

  • Beat them in ping pong with my left hand

  • Use saved money to purchase some land

  • Cook aromatic, savory lop cheung on Chinese New Year

  • Keep my Dragon granddaughter Angelica near

  • Try to remember her birthday, including my own

  • Get her to teach me how to use a flip phone

  • Watch her read American fashion magazines

  • Listen to her speak in front of a hundred families

  • Sigh as my sweet angel grows up way too fast

  • Reminisce about my unforgettable past

  • Die peacefully when my time on Earth is done

  • Reunite with my dear wife and eldest son

My name is Angelica Grace Lee and I am a Legal Studies major at UC Berkeley. I am a San Francisco native and have enjoyed the vibrant culture of the Bay Area my entire life. 

Currently, I volunteer in the Bay Area as a San Francisco Police Activities League Cadet Lieutenant and intern for SFPD's Field Operations Unit. I also run a Facebook group called "Kindness in the Darkness" where I share heartwarming acts of kindness in hopes of brightening the days of those who may be suffering dark times. In my spare time, I love to write poetry, read dystopian fiction, thrift shop, and go to cafes to study with friends.


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