in Canning Park by David Francis

In Canning Park

They have the names of the plants --
all exotic Latin names and origins --
but where are the plants?
Have the seeds blown away in this strong wind
or are they out of season?

Cats curl up in the holes
where mongrel full-grown trees protect them,
and roll over slowly to scratch their backs
but when the sun moves the sun- and tree-round shade
they go to sunbathe.

Sometimes the young go to the old
for something they can’t get on the street;
with all of its new coffee shops and chain stores
it still can’t offer this womb-like timelessness 
when you’re in the mood.


David Francis has produced six 
albums of songs, one of poems, and
"Always/Far," a chapbook of lyrics
and drawings.  He has written and
directed two films: "Village Folksinger"
(2013) and "Memory Journey" (2018).
His poems and stories have appeared
in a number of journals and anthologies.


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