A Writer At Heart by Joanne Olivieri

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A Writer At Heart

Emotional expressions
inherent deep within spirit.
Passion are these words
undeniably expressed,
shared, proclaimed
in stanzaic precision.

The writer
Sensitive, intuitive
feelings arise, awaken
born from within
depths of the soul.
A soul unknown
if not for their words.

Ego revisited
firmly understood
and happily embraced.
The writer paints words
with a knowing
of authentic self
creatively expressed.

Memories, dreams
Parade the mind
As streaming videos.
These visual scenarios
Breathe life into the heart
And have no choice
But to be reborn.

A glimpse into the heart
where the writer resides
words a mirror to the soul.
A soul which lives
Within the mind
without fear.

The heart
pumps words
through the veins
never missing a beat.

The writer writes
to a different beat
only he hears.


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