The Line of Yearning at Devon Coast by Sneha Subramanian Kanta

The Line of Yearning at Devon Coast

*for H

Waves of ephemeral length
beat over a fog faced February —

loud voices of winds
mix with rising dust.

Night mouths ad libitum
in the habitat hours

of enveloping dark —
ruffling over the shore,

three seagulls sleep
on a bed of beige sand.

The descent downhill
full of empty shadows —

seismic waves shiver vacantly,
below in the damp.

Brief Biography: Sneha Subramanian Kanta resonates with ghettos, writing from the margins among several nuances in the manufacturing of otherness. Her work is forthcoming in Fallujah Magazine, Serendipity, Erstwhile Magazine, Thumb Print Magazine and the first print anthology of Peacock Journal (Little Red Tree Publishing). A recipient of the prestigious GREAT scholarship, she is pursuing her second postgraduate degree in the United Kingdom. Write to her on


  1. Some substance there. I know and feel your passion. I dig this.


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