Ballad of the Fish by JD DeHart

Ballad of the Fish 

he swam upstream
slapping his body against

they called him Sammy

soon he wondered
what dry land felt like
and put on some sandals

flash forward

Sammy is married and has
two children (modest amount
for a fish)

he hides his gills in public
but they all know there’s
something about him –
you could say something fishy,
but that would be too obvious

Rita, his wife, especially
suspects his secret every time
they go the river

or to the ocean
or to the sink

she lives in fear that
what she suspects is true
and then also lives in fear
that Sammy will discover
her secret

she is a sharp-beaked
predator at war with herself.

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  His writing has recently appeared at Cacti Fur and Oddball Magazine.


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