New Love Wonder by Desiree Cady

New Love Wonder

As the dawn of the day
Seeps through the blinds
I awake next to you
With happiness in mind

Not sure yet of what
Our future will hold
In my heart I hope next to you
I will be growing old

Our feelings are new
Though We have just met
I feel you understand me 
Better than anyone yet

I am scared of you
You scared of me
So afraid to fall and get hurt
If only the future we could see

Take a chance on me
And hand me your heart
I promise to cherish, love, and protect
Each and every last part.

©2017 Desiree Cady All Rights Reserved

I am a 33 year old mother of two beautiful girls who have been my saving grace. After a brutal attack a few years ago, I have been plagued by PTSD. After the attack and a few suicide attempts, I vowed to tell my story and help inspire others to get help and to know that they are not alone. 
I am currently wrapping up two manuscripts for publication and am set to be published in an upcoming anthology that will come out mid - November.
You can find more of my work at 


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