Casey at the Bat (Villanelle) by Michael Ceraolo

Casey at the Bat (Villanelle)

Would he hit the circuit clout
we would need to win the game?
Surely Casey wouldn't strike out;

Casey knew what he was about.
One didn't get many chances for fame.
He would hit the circuit clout

should the occasion to arise.
No weak grounders, no pop flies,
and no chance he'd strike out.

Two made outs, two got on base,
and the look on Casey's face
said he'd hit the circuit clout

to win the Mudville nine the game
and garner for himself the fame;
inconceivable he'd strike out.

He took two called strikes by the ump,
and on the third he busted a hump.
Today there is no circuit clout.
Our mighty Casey has struck out.

Bio:  "Michael Ceraolo is a 59-year-old retired firefighter/paramedic and active poet and baseball fan. This poem is from a current project inspired by recently re-reading Casey at the Bat."


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