Memorial Day Moment By Desiree Cady

Memorial Day Moment
By Desiree Cady

They stand and fight
Put their lives on the line
Give up everything they have
Just to make sure our citizens are fine

March into battle bravely
Their strength pulls them through
They lose their lives
To protect me and you

Some come home from battle
Beaten and torn
Scarred from their memories
Their hearts are all worn

They deserve our respect
And yet so much more
They are the soldiers, our heroes,
The prisoners of war.

©2017 Desiree Cady All Rights Reserved

Happy Memorial Day 
And thank you to the many men and women who have fought, continue to fight, and will fight in the future to protect our America. Words cannot express my love and Gratitude

I am a 33 year old mother of two beautiful girls who have been my saving grace. After a brutal attack a few years ago, I have been plagued by PTSD. After the attack and a few suicide attempts, I vowed to tell my story and help inspire others to get help and to know that they are not alone. 
I am currently wrapping up two manuscripts for publication and am set to be published in an upcoming anthology that will come out mid - November.
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