Becoming Echoes by James Dennis Casey IV

"Becoming Echoes" 

Beside a hidden river 
Trees seek
The cover of night
As waves journey
In an air 
Of silent comfort

Lovers whisper
At the shore
Lying on a bed 
Of wise owl feathers
Into each other's eyes
Becoming echoes
Of ghosts
As one

Memories turn
The children of evening's
Beautiful mountain souls
Into dreams of time
Under moonlit darkness
While countless stars
Reflect upon the water
And beneath the surface 
Spirits wander
As seasons fade

©James Dennis Casey IV

James D. Casey IV is a published author of three volumes of poetry: "Metaphorically Esoteric," "Dark Days Inside the Light While Drunk on Wine," and "Tin Foil Hats & Hadacol Coins." His work has been featured in print and online several times at places like Triadæ Magazine, Pink Litter, In Between Hangovers, Indiana Voice Journal, Poetry Breakfast, Beatnik Cowboy, Scarlet Leaf Review, Horror Sleaze Trash, Whispers, Your One Phone Call, I am not a Silent Poet, Tuck Magazine, Outlaw Poetry, PoeTree, Story Mirror, Stanzaic Stylings, Spillwords, Micropoetry, Leaves of Ink, Poetry Life & Times, and Realistic Poetry InternationalYou can find links to his books, social network profiles, and other projects on his website by clicking here:


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