One Fine Line by Rajnish Mishra

One Fine Line

Mourn for the departed glory, 
For poems that left earth
Unheard, unsung.

Poetry lives in a line, or two,
The rest is merely glue, it’s true.

A bold lone stroke stands not for art, 
Nor one fine phrase for a poem.

When I see now, what passes for it, 
It saddens; emboldens me a bit.

For who now crafts their one fine line
At a time,
And then, one more?

Short Bio:

Rajnish Mishra has a PhD in English literature and he has been active in the areas of teaching, research and writing for nearly a decade now. He has published more than a dozen books, and has edited six books.

His love for his city and his awareness of its effects on his psycho-social development led him to starting his own

blog: in 2011. The blog features both his academic writing and his writing on his city: the City of Light, Varanasi.

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