I May Not Return by Rajnish Mishra

No, I may not return ever.
Yes, that’s destiny, 
Had I known,
written the script, 
contemplated The end 
of the road less travelled? 
Had I, ever?
Past is not a place
to revisit.
Past is not a phase
to re-live.
Past is not a page 
to rewrite.
Past is past; 
the slippery sand 
that slips dryly
From between the fingers,
is lost,
Is gone.

Short Bio:
Rajnish Mishra is poet, writer, thinker and blogger. He has published more than a dozen books, and has edited six anthologies. He runs his own poetry ezine: PPP Ezine and blogs 

poetrypoeticspleasure.wordpress.com and rajnishmishravns.wordpress.com.


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