Nice to Know at Last What Is Meant by JD DeHart

Nice to Know at Last What Is Meant

Yes, it’s nice to become
acquainted with sound
and reason of other beings,
makes one feel like one belongs
to an invisible club –
the lines were always drawn,
but it’s helpful to know they
were not imagined.
It's remedy for the sanity.

Finally nice to know what is
meant by all these chuckles,
to get the inside joke,
to speak the vernacular, try
it on like a glove on the tongue.
Practicing in the mirror
three times this morning alone.

There now, doesn’t that feel better,
or does it make matters worse,
now with a heavy mouth?

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  His writing has recently appeared at Cacti Fur and Oddball Magazine.


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