September 16, 1881 by Michael Ceraolo

  September 16, 1881


"Quiet is no certain pledge
of permanence and safety
Trees may flourish and flowers may bloom
upon the quiet mountain side,
silently the trickling rain-drops
are filling the deep cavern
behind its rocky barriers,
          by and by,
                          in a single moment,
shall hurl to wild ruin its treacherous peace"

I will become the embodiment of this


Quiet is no friend of mine
I need the noisy clamor of demand
to sell my autograph for twenty-five cents,
my autographed picture for a dollar

"This is another from his work Eighty Days, dramatic monologues by Garfield and Guiteau for each of the days covering the period from the day Guiteau shot Garfield until the day Garfield died."

Bio:  "Michael Ceraolo is a 59-year-old retired firefighter/paramedic and active poet and baseball fan.


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