She Is The Girl by Angelica Grace Lee

She Is The Girl

She is the girl with a wild imagination
Hears the countryside calling her name
Who is impulsive, who couldn’t care less
About what the others thought of her

She is the girl who hates the city life
Done with the photoshopped world
The one who will leave it all behind one day
For her green and brown haven

She is the girl who cannot fathom
That if humans are born naturally good
Why we let this terrible world reign our lives
The one who wishes for mother nature to rule

Yet she is the girl who is praised for her brain
She knows a lot, but what good is that
If her knowledge won’t get her that far
In a place where she will never be good enough

She is the girl with many friends
But friendship is not what she wants
For all she wants is to run away
And scream her troubles to the stars

She is the girl who is often misunderstood
The one who no one really knows
Who no one can compare normalcy to
She is me

BIO: My name is Angelica Grace Lee and I am a senior at Lowell High School. I am passionate about giving back to my community and would like to major in cognitive science, psychology, or legal studies in college. Currently I am a San Francisco Police Activities League Senior Cadet Sergeant as well as an intern for SFPD's CSI Unit. In my spare time I run a Facebook group called "Kindness in the Darkness" where I share heartwarming acts of kindness in hopes of brightening the days of those who may be suffering dark times. I have been the creator and administrator of “Kindness in the Darkness” since 2011. I also enjoy writing poetry and composing song lyrics. 


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