Splendor Of September by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Splendor Of September

I miss the smells of hibernating leaves
white picket fence slowly disintegrates
Popsicle stand is shuttered and closed
yellow flip flops left in the sand dunes.
family times
in autumn dreams
Many lonely gulls wander cool beaches
snowy egrets stand stoic by tidal pools
fresh apple displays at roadside stands
corn fields now barren, silo's are filled.
lanterns alight
in autumn dreams
Cascade memories like watersheds
cleansing the long neglected spirit
as time drifts on like a sweet sunset
smells of hot coffee complete a day.
September shines
in autumn dreams.
Chilled night air begs for hot cocoa
baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream
Christmas shopping on Saturday night,
the sweet splendor of my September.


Ken Allan Dronsfield is a poet originally from New Hampshire, now living in Oklahoma. He was nominated for The Best of the Net and 2 Pushcart Awards in Poetry in 2016. His poetry has been published world-wide throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Ken loves walking in the woods at night, and spending time with his cats Willa, Turbo and Hemi. Ken's new book, "The Cellaring", a collection of 80 haunted, paranormal, weird and wonderful poems, is available through Creative Talents Unleashed Publishing or Amazon.com. He is the Co-Editor and Cover Artist for two poetry anthologies, "Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze" and "Dandelion in a Vase of Roses" also available from Amazon.com.


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