The Fractal Man by Lee A. Forman

The Fractal Man
by Lee A. Forman
The first eyes upon him
captured his features in neural ink,
committed image to the pages
of consciousness, internal history.
No matter how you looked at him,
his features always the same.
Magnificent, eternally possessing,
his nature was to blame.
I first shook his hand,
the most arresting moment of life.
I was captured, taken,
but by my will alone.
Never a struggle,
I only followed where he walked.
Choice nonexistent.
But inconsequential in its fault.
To the end of all,
if he marched,
I’d carry my soul in this unsightly husk,
until it fell in passing,
until it turned to dust.
That which preceded his arrival,
no longer declared.
Only the future mattered.
Only for what he prepared.
He led us to the mountains,
where history would rebirth.
Those left behind,
children of accursed Earth.
Behind him came the end.
But not of humanity.
He only wished to emerge anew
in a world of sculpture crafted
by the hands of a fractal mind.

Author Bio:
Lee Forman is a fiction writer and editor from the Hudson Valley, NY. His fascination with the macabre began in childhood, watching old movies and reading everything he could get his hands on. He’s a third generation horror fanatic, starting with his grandfather who was a fan of the classic Hollywood Monsters. His work has been published in numerous magazines, anthologies, websites, and podcasts. He’s an editor for Sirens Call Publications and writes for the horror fiction website For more information and a list of publications go to


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