Enthusiasm of a neo-pagan by Sunil Sharma

Enthusiasm of a neo-pagan

---Sunil Sharma 

Staggering home from the moon-lit meadows

now receding as magical realms far off 

blending with the skies and stars

where I glimpsed the Olympians laughing/dancing

along with the ordinary mortals; the devotees

working up a frenzy for their respective gods!


My feet are lithe

almost air-borne

heart bursting with joy

antelope-like I fly

across the uneven terrain

a scented breeze follows

intoxicated steps

as I have already

encountered the unicorn and the red-eyed Bacchus

in the sacred grove near the stream

and the Aphrodite beckoning Sappho

from her entranced Muses

in an uplifting instant!



to see them all

in this fleeting moment

in the year 2016

re-living all that is lost!


Bio: Sunil Sharma, an academic and author-freelance journalist from the suburban Mumbai, India. He has published 19 books: solo and joint. He edits Setu:


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