Last Call by John Patrick Robbins

John Patrick Robbins 

Is the editor of both The Rye Whiskey Review and Under The Bleachers. 
His work is often referred to as being outlaw poetry although he prefers to call it barroom instead .

His work has been published in.

Ariel Chart , The Mojave River Review , Red Fez, Blognostics , Romingos Porch , Synchronized Choas , Piker Press , Outlaw Poetry Network , Horror Sleaze Trash ,Blue Pepper , Academy Of The Heart And Mind,  A Beautiful Space,  Inbetween Hangovers .

His work is always unfiltered. 

Last Call

Empty bottles and myself have much in common and little to share. 
We stand as statues and are better thrown away than collecting dust .

The party is over and another will be left to clean up after this mess I leave behind .

I can imagine them cussing me as they survey the wreckage wondering how someone could live as I have .

Judging me never knowing my truths .
I wonder will they question why I never left any scraps of paper behind.

Was I not a writer ?
Or was it just a excuse to sit on my ass and drink ?

Truth is when I go,  I take my files all kept within my head .
And in all truth I never needed a excuse to drink .

Live it up while you can cause we are all headed towards  closing time eventually .


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