Not Ready To Say Goodbye by Sony Holland and Jerry Hollsnd

From the Kitchen Sessions collection.
Recorded by Gary Mankin: Filmed by Terry Dudley

words & music J. Holland c. Heebalibra Music, BMI

Your face
So familiar and kind
And I know every line
Like the cracks on Eighth Avenue
Your voice
Sounds as scratchy and warm
As old records
Playing softly over the radio
My friend, we’ve come a long, long way together
That’s why I’m not ready, not ready
I’m not ready to say goodbye

Your smile
Like a beckoning light
On a cold rainy night
Helps me find my way home again
Your eyes
Like a soulful red wine
One swig and I’m instantly
In my comfort zone again
My friend, do you know how much cover you’ve given me?
That’s why I’m not ready, not ready
I’m not ready to say goodbye

Darkness reminds us that we are all blind
And life is not always fair
It defies and surprises til mere mortals find
We’re all clueless and unaware…

But your laugh
So contagiously wild
Like a tidal wave of joy
Sweeping over my destiny
Your heart
Though battered and torn
Is so gentle and strong
That it’s almost too good to be…
My friend, your love will stay with me forever
That’s why I’m not ready, not ready,
I’m not ready to say goodbye


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