Out in the Distance by Holly Day

Out in the Distance

The ground welcomes me, even though
I’m still alive, even now
I am just another something
that sends out roots wherever the dirt
is soft enough to receive me. I can feel the flowers
growing under my skin
can feel them struggling to break free
to sing out under the sun.

You can put your own roots out, too
spread out over the soft grass with me,
shake loose your skin
let the earth in. Eventually, we might
grow as high as trees, thick trunks and limbs
twisting around one another in a frozen embrace
blooming in a garden

of our own making.

Holly Day's poetry has recently appeared in The Cape Rock, New Ohio Review, and Gargoyle. Her newest poetry collections are A Perfect Day for Semaphore(Finishing Line Press), In This Place, She Is HerOwn (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press), A Wall to Protect Your Eyes(Pski’s Porch Publishing),I'm in a Place Where Reason Went Missing(Main Street Rag Publishing Co.), and The Yellow Dot of a Daisy(Alien Buddha Press).


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