Warm Dreams by Sandra Henry

Warm Dreams

As I close my heavy eyes
Your words dance
Throughout the night sky
As bright and beautiful
As the nearest star
Bringing sweet and peaceful dreams
To my weary spirit.
March arrived cold
While bright stars filled
The heavens as I slept.
Yet, as beauty gives warmth
To blooms of colour and snow
Your sweet words
Touch my chilled heart.
Peaceful dreams whisper
In the coldest of places
The gentle kiss of
The sun's warm breath
Awakens the promise
The hope that is spring.


Sandra Henry is a poet from Canada. She is a graduate of Trent University where she majored in English Literature. Sandra finds inspiration for much of her writing from the people and events in her every day life and from the power of Nature's beauty and fury.


  1. As eloquently beautiful your words so are, and as with much awe I always find myself in while reading any of your poetry, I'm fairly certain that these precise words you've written have touched many others who unexpectedly found themselves receiving hope and solace after reading them; you are a holistic healer poet.


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