Christine Tabaka Haiku

Ann Christine Tabaka

Ann Christine Tabaka, is better known by Chris. She was born in, and lives in Delaware. She has been writing poems and rhymes since her Junior High years. She always kept a journal of her writing, but only recently was encouraged by friends to publish. 

She was an Art Major in college, and retired a scientist. Now she is personal trainer, and more recently a published poet and writer.

Besides her memoir, two poetry books, and Haiku book, her poems are published in numerous national, and international Poetry Journals, Reviews, and Anthologies.

Sketch Artwork by Christine Tabaka

The dawn of time
Dragons and angels collide into
fiery earth

Winter bare trees
Give the illusion of
Black Spanish lace

Sleepless night
Moonless sky fills room
Eternal darkness

Abandoned seashore
Evening tide looks back to see
Footprints in the sand

Lost love
Tears melt into night

Brilliant orange sun
Sinks below horizon
Swallowed by ocean

June dandelions
Faeries dance on air
Filling wishes

Ships at sea
Guide their journey home
By night stars

Cool morning walk
the forest opens its arms
With solitude

Shredded dreams
My poems are now
Paper snow

Gypsy blood
Fire flows in her veins
Dancing forever

Trees in summer
Full of melodic sounds
Avian serenade

A rainy spring day
World reflected in a puddle
Ripples grow outward

a summer meadow

stain glass windows catch the sun
on dragonfly wings

floats on a breeze
of summer dresses

wind in trees
leaves dance to
a grand ballet
august ocean
warm current caresses

like liquid silk

© Ann Christine Tabaka 2017 - Present All Rights Reserved


  1. A very talented lady poet and artist! Her mastery of Haiku is a special talent. Her use of emotionally charged precise words is a delight to experience.

    1. Thank you so much. I am honored that you feel this way.
      Christine Tabaka

  2. I am so grateful for you beautiful comment. Thank you so much.

  3. It is crazy how many wonderful pieces she produces day after day... She is so very talented!

    Not anonymous... I am Su Parker

  4. Thank you so much Susan! You are such a loyal supporter!

  5. I really love your work, so very lovely :)

  6. Thank you so much Lynn. I appreciate it.


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