Michael Ceraolo Cleveland Haiku Series

Bio:  "Michael Ceraolo is a retired firefighter/paramedic and active poet who has had one full-length book (Euclid Creek, from Deep Cleveland Press) and a few chapbooks published (among the chapbooks is Cleveland Haiku, from Green Panda Press). He has a second full-length book, Euclid Creek Book Two, forthcoming from unbound content press, and is continually working on new and existing poetry projects.

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Cleveland Haiku #575

Just off the trail----
the rockshelter tells
of unwritten history

Cleveland Haiku #578

Hiking on a hot day---
no one around 
to smell my sweat

Cleveland Haiku #579

November sky---
a brief rainbow
soon clouded over

Cleveland Haiku #581

Winter hike---
I don't taste
the yellow snow

Cleveland Haiku #583

I need new boots---
the trail's wet snow seeps through
the old ones

Cleveland Haiku #584

Section of sidewalk---
a wooden footbridge
over a small creek

Cleveland Haiku #446

Natural beauty
not enough for some---
graffiti in the park

Cleveland Haiku #447

Park sanctuary---
trees and leaves allowed
to decay where they lay

Cleveland Haiku #448

Discarded bluestone slabs---
an abandoned

Cleveland Haiku #449

Two man-made bluestone walls,
soon to disappear
under plant life

Cleveland Haiku #450

Stop sign
badly faded from the sun---
few bother to stop

Cleveland Haiku #470

Party in the park---
beavers hiding 
behind their dams

Cleveland Haiku #471

Bluegrass concert---
woman hula-hooping
to the music

Cleveland Haiku #472

Concert photographer---
using his camera
as a pillow

Cleveland Haiku #473

Uneasy co-existence---
turtle didn't get back
to the river

Cleveland Haiku #493

the park's garbage cans
put away for the winter

Cleveland Haiku #494

Strange litter---
a teddy bear tossed
by the side of the road

Cleveland Haiku #495

Unknown remembrance---
a decorated cross on
the side of the road

Cleveland Haiku #496

Three tall pink cylinders
with ingredients for
the candy factory

Cleveland Haiku #497

the calendar's changed,
a few trees' leaves haven't yet

Cleveland Haiku #498

November, the lake---
beautiful calm now,
choppy an hour later

Cleveland Haiku #499

the tennis courts' nets taken
down for the winter

Cleveland Haiku #500

last-minute push to finish
the road repair

Cleveland Haiku #231

Framed by grand granite buildings--
a homeless woman in the rain,

Cleveland Haiku #233

November sky---
a pioneer flurry sails
to the ground and its death

Cleveland Haiku #239

Profiles in courage--
bicyclists braving
city streets

Cleveland Haiku #240

A hole in the road
to ream out
atherosclerotic water mains

Cleveland Haiku #243

Exercise in futility---
a man sweeping the sidewalk,

Cleveland Haiku #244

Man-made storm----
a blizzard of garbage
swirling in the sky

Cleveland Haiku #458

View from the bridge---
movie theater's neon lights
down in the valley

Cleveland Haiku #461

A busy street---
a squirrel plays chicken,
wins this time

Cleveland Haiku #462

Wealthy suburb---
the park's path goes
underneath the road

Cleveland Haiku #467

Modern pastoral---
cattle unmoved
by the highway noise

Cleveland Haiku #468

Memorial Day---
the RV army
on the move

Cleveland Haiku #134

The lake seems to change color
with every shift 
of the prevailing winds

Cleveland Haiku #138

A giant blue sail
painted on the side
of a high-rise apartment

Cleveland Haiku #141

A garbage can
is chained to a pole
so no one will vandalize it

Cleveland Haiku #142

Two rusted bed frames
no longer sail the lake---
they've sunk to the bottom

Cleveland Haiku #143

Two lookout towers
on the beach---
no one looking either out or in

Cleveland Haiku #150

A hardy plant---
orange construction barrels
survive and thrive in all fields

Vacant lot---
stone slabs neatly stacked
on the spreading grass

Human sign---
different because his sign
was hand-drawn

Suburban sight---
pots of flowers hanging from 
utility poles

Suburban squatter---
squirrel sneaking in and out
of my garage

Lawn decoration---
a rock painted in
Cleveland Browns colors


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