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Quietude by Joanne M Olivieri 

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When Dragons and Angels Collide by Christine Tabaka
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Fragments of Yesterdays Past by Melissa R Mendelson

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Thoughts From The Saddle: A Cowboy's Musings - Book One Paperback by Barney Cissell 

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The Cellaring: Poems from a Darkling Side of the Shadowed Mind Paperback by Ken Allan Dronsfield

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Shadows of My Father Paperback by Colleen Keller Breuning 

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  1. How do we have our poetry books added to poetry bookshelf?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Christine

      Thanks for your comment. You can either send me your book, a hard copy or if you have it in a digital file like a pdf or you can copy and paste it in an email if you have it in word and then email it to me. What I then do is write a review on it, publish the review as a post on Stanzaic Stylings then display your book in the Poetry Bookshelf page along with the link post to your review.


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