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Bio: Blanca Alicia Garza is a Poet from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a nature and animal lover, and enjoys spending time writing. Her poems are published in the Poetry Anthologies, "Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze", and "Dandelions in a Vase of Roses" now available at Blanca's work can be found in  The Poet Community, Whispers, The Winamop Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, Tuck Magazine, Raven's Cage Ezine, Scarlet Leaf Review as well as Birdsong Anthology 2016, Vol 1.


She is clothed with an inner strength
and laughs without fear of the future.
eye shine, ignites sparks in my heart.
she judges none, and walks with grace.
Her dreams are in a technicolor palette
and lights her way through the darkness.
She adores dancing in the pouring rain
Blowing dandelions in summer breezes 
Talks to the moon about her eternal love 
She smiles as squirrels dance in trees,
loves spending time watching kids play.
Her dream was to be a great writer, but 
falling in love with a poet was her destiny.

(Initially published on The Song Is)

Tattooed Touch

Two poets who fell in love...
writing letters on
each others skin
using fingerprints
and lip caresses 
Leaving them printed 
like tattoos that 
will remain forever 
and spending the 
nights reading them 
like marvelous 
great sonnets 
and love stories 
printed in braille.

(Published in Dandelion In A Vase of Roses Anthology)

Path to the Heart 

Write me a sweet poem. 
Kiss me softly with sweet
butterfly kisses on my skin.
Guiding them gently upon
my entire thirsty body.
Make me forget the pain
in this world and even my
own name for a little while.
And let me recite yours 
through the sweetest of
whispers and throes of
passion. Let me sing softly 
into your ear Igniting the fire 
and with the tips of your fingers 
discover even my most deepest 
desires. Find that path that 
leads directly to my heart. 
Make me forever yours.

Red Closeted Dream

Cold and empty walls
Silence that tears the soul 
Memories moistening the eyes
Promises the wind took away 
An unworn red dress
left forgotten in a closet 
A white rose symbolizing
eternal love stored in the
dusty drawer of oblivion.

Dimming the Lights 

Cowboy boots 
Flannel shirts 
Blue jeans 
Country music 
Singing along 
To their favorite songs 
Having a good time 
Until the sound of evil 
interrupted the night 
Confusion and fear
Reflected in their faces 
People on the floor 
Protecting their precious lives
Tears and prayers in silence 
Angel feathers spreading 
Across the pavement 
Shattering the dreams of
So many young innocent souls 
Only love and compassion 
can chase darkness 
back into the abyss 
Only love, peace and hope
Can restore this broken humanity.

Stirring Memories

Drinking tears running 
Down my cheeks 
Drowning haunting thoughts 
In my cup of coffee 
Bittersweet memories 
Going round and round 
In my restless mind 
Putting salt in
My still open wounds
Stirring your lies 
Covered in sugar 
Picking the crumbs of 
Unrequited love.

Free of the Shadows 

Caress my skin with
the softness of the
feather of a Raven...
make love to my inner 
demons, let them know 
you've come to stay,
that you aren't afraid
of the storm and darkness 
inside my heart.
Teach me to believe again 
to give my heart without fear, 
take my hand and set 
me free of the shadows,
stay here with me...
always and forever.

(Initially published on Indiana Voice Journal)

Upon a Breeze

She carries her umbrella,
but only for a bright Sun;
Loving the falling rain as
it gently kisses her face.
Dancing to a heart song;
a sweet embracing hug.
My bit of heaven inhaled,
she courts a lovely style.
Tune my soul with sonnets,
rhymes of sweet melodies.
A gentle and angelic touch,
with me now, upon a breeze.

(First published in "Where Are You From?" Anthology)


Haunting memories 
Of broken promises 
A wall full of 
Framed sorrows 
A heart broken 
Like a crushed leaf
A promise of 
Eternal love that 
Vanishes like water 
Through the fingers 
Cold stinging tears 
Freezing my empty heart.
I bared my being 
And you left me shivering 
Somber clouds once more 
Overshadowing my sky,
But remember that was me,
The one who loves storms. 

(Initially published on The Poet Community)


I want to be the rain
cascading down
all over your body
cleansing you
refreshing you
loving your beauty 
your scars
caressing your very soul
kissing your thirsty lips 
like the morning dew
does to the rose

I want to be the sun
peeking through your window 
waking you up 
with a tender touch 
warming every pore
of your soft skin

I want to be the moon
to see you every night 
Illuminating your path
your darkest nights 
to whom you tell
your secrets 
your sorrows 
and deeper desires

I want to be 
the reason of your smile
your first morning thought 
the best of your poems 
a never ending story 
an everlasting love.

(Initially published on Raven Cage Ezine)

Summer Night 

Sleepless on a warm
Summer night in August 
wondering if your 
hands can touch me
like your words did,
if with every touch,
every whisper, every
caress you could 
feed my starving soul.
The thought of your
fingers running through
my skin awakens the 
wild woman inside of me,
blowing my imagination 
and making my heart 
beat fast, but it's
just a thought, maybe 
just a beautiful dream 
on a warm  Summer night...
when I look beside me 
I just see an empty space,
and that shreds my heart.

Find Me   V2

If one day you look for me 
and you can't find me anymore, 
look into the poems that I
wrote to you, you'll find me there.

Close your eyes and feel me,
as I left a piece of my soul 
in every letter, in every word. 

Look for me in a Dandelion 
In a rainy day 
In a pristine white rose 
In a cloudy sky 
In our beautiful full moon
In a thunderstorm
In our favorite song 
In a crimson red dress 

Find me in your dreams
Feel me in your coldest night 

I will look for you
In a lonely night
In the core of my soul  
In a golden star
In our favorite song
In the sound of the rain 
In every tear I shed,
one by one until
there is no more,
no more you, no more I,
no more us. 

I will go quietly without 
interrupting your silence

If one day you remember me
and you can not find me 
do not look for me anymore 
this time I left to never return. 

Perhaps our love will 
fade like the words in
my old book of poems 

I will always  treasure 
our loving memories in
the shattered petals of 
a pristine white rose.

(Initially published on Indiana Voice Journal)


Although you are so
far away from me, 
you are close 
inside my heart. 
The most beautiful 
caresses are not 
just the ones that 
touch the skin,
but are also the ones 
that touch the soul 
without being beside 
one another.

(Initially published on Raven Cage Ezine)

Miss Me at Sunset

When I'm forever gone,
bury me between the lyrics 
of your most beautiful poem 
so I'll never be forgotten. 

When I'm forever gone,
seek my essence among 
the petals of the white rose,
or with the smell of freshly 
brewed morning coffee.

When I'm forever gone,
Seek my voice in a sweet 
songbirds sonnet, or with
sounds of calm raindrops 
upon an old tin roof.

When I'm forever gone,
scatter my ashes in winds
like seeds of a Dandelion.
For once I'm forever gone, 
miss me at every sunset and
feel my touch at every dawn.

A Lonely Night

Looking at the moon
through my window,
it's dark, but she shines
like never before.
A glass of wine in my hand,
but the other is empty,
empty as my heart without him.
Through the moon 
I sent him my love,
through the breeze 
a sweet and tender kiss.
Despite the distance
we are looking at
the same moon,
like two hearts 
beating in one soul.

El Poeta

He has the Moon reflected,
in the deepest of blue eyes, 
like the beautiful ocean.  
A calming after a tempest
a rage flows within the heart.
He bleeds poetry with every letter 
With every word he leaves pieces 
of his shattered lonely heart
On the parchment, he turns
his sorrows into loving verses.
And loving verses into my
El Poeta's sweet dreams.

(First published in "Where Are You From?" Anthology)

Starved Soul

Take my skin and use
it as an empty canvas; 
write beautiful poetry 
upon my starved soul. 
Keep my spirit wrapped 
safely in your golden light;
your love is like a raging 
river within my heart.

(First published in "Apple Fruits of an Old Oak" Anthology)

White Roses 

A white rose and
hear "I Love You"
from your lips 
was all I wanted 

The "I Love You"
got stuck in your pride

The White rose
waits in a notebook 
of unfinished poems 

A love left hidden 
in the shadows 

A love left to starve
to death 

Perhaps love has given me 
more thorns than roses;
but it was my choice to 
turn them into the most 
beautiful pristine bed
of white roses.

Illuminated Reflections 

Another day gone by 
The Moon rises
upon the velvet sky 
Thoughts of you come 
and go like waves 
Making storms rise 
beneath my skin 
My blood flows like lava 
through my veins 
My heart races, my nerves 
thrill to your touch 
The warm gentle breeze 
caressing my hair 
As I hear your name gently 
whispered upon the wind
I was trying to write you a poem 
but I thought I saw your face 
in my old tattered notebook 
But it is was only the illuminated 
reflection of the Full Moon. 
It's early morning now and I'm 
still awake desiring your presence 
as my lonely heart weeps in silence.
(Initially published on Indiana Voice Journal)

Satin Red and Strawberry Daiquiri 

There is ink
upon his skin. 
A sweet poem wrapped 
in flesh and bones. 
Sin dressed in black,  
lips of strawberry daiquiri.
Sweet temptation that 
I would love to read
with my fingertips,
between every line,
between every word
until the last chapter. 
Learning the entire story 
that hides there
behind his beautiful 
deep blue eyes. 
To write the beginning 
of a new story among
satin red sheets.

Block Me Not

Pieces of my notebook paper 
lie scattered on the floor 
Trying to write a poem but 
nothing comes to my mind 
The words in my head go in 
circles without making sense 
This time the writer's block 
doesn't want to leave 
I went to the kitchen 
to brew some nice hot coffee 
It's 3 a.m. and I'm still 
totally and completely awake
My only companion, my 
annoying cat sitting on my lap 
I turned on the television, 
but nothing was there either 
Just those constant brain- 
washers and bad news 
Back again to my notebook 
armed with my pen in hand 
Ready to leave a piece of my 
heart and soul in every word 
The battle goes on and this 
writer's block will not win.

(Initially published on The Poet Community)

Whispering Stars

As the Moon rises and
illuminates the evening sky
it awakens desires of
love from so very far away.
A soulful shooting star
ignites the night while my
heart beats on, I silently cry.
I saw the stellar sight
tonight and I made a wish 
I wished for the day that 
I will see your beautiful face
hold your hand and
feel your tender kiss.
Perhaps the distance 
may separate our bodies 
but our love rises together 
as two souls in love.

Sweet Venom

Your poisonous love 
has entered deeply 
through my veins 
and buries me alive. 
I can not breathe and 
feels like a demon
is sitting on my chest.
My remains are just 
cold flesh and bones 
heartlessly beaten 
and cold as a stone.
But I would rather die 
a thousand times than
stop savoring your
sweet, warm venom.


If my hands could touch your body
like my words have
touched your heart,
I could write a love poem
while running my fingers
through your soul.
The most beautiful poems
are not written on paper but,
rather traced upon the
contours of the skin,
and read through whispers
and moans making even the
Moon blush.

(First Published in "Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze" Anthology.)

You can also find Alicia's poetry at Dandelion In A Vase Of Roses on Amazon.

My Voice 

My world teeters 
but I will not fall

I'm standing here
tall and proud 
No matter what 
life throws at me 

I'm making my own path 
with the stones 
that I stumble on

Will not follow the crowd 

My dreams could be
scattered by the wind 
like pieces of a dandelion 

But if I can touch a heart 
with my words, if I can 
make someone think 
twice before they act,
then my work wasn't in vain.

Although I cannot see
the rest of the way,
I keep going, always forward,
stepping strongly, raising dust.

Leaving my mark along the path 
Always with my head up
never looking down 
Getting up if I fall.

Sowing kindness and love 
for if someday I have 
to take a step back

I'll never give up 
Holding my dream tight, 
It won't matter if I 
make my hands bleed

My writing is my voice 
and it will remain 
when I'm gone.


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